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Watch your employees step out of their comfort zones and rise to an impressive sporting challenge, pushing their boundaries and reaching their full and true potential. With professional coaches, an exciting goal and amazing results, they become true energised ambassadors, spreading their inspiring stories and learnings with their colleagues. An exclusive journey with an inclusive impact.


Let’s energise the dreamers

Some of your employees aspire to do remarkable things. They want to push their boundaries and reach goals beyond their wildest dreams. How about a 1/4 triathlon? A half marathon? Conquering the mythical col? Let’s help them reach that goal. Let’s motivate them and give them all the tools and coaching they need.


You want to energise your people and help them push their perceived limits and realise their true potential. They can do more than they think. With this programme, they can prove to themselves that they are capable of far more than they ever dared to imagine. It’s also an inspiring tale that will spread around your company like wildfire. It fosters inclusivity and serves as a powerful tool for employer branding, showcasing your commitment to employee growth and development.


of all Europeans are overweight


hours a day on average SITTING DOWN


of European employees are daily demotivated at work

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Golazo - Afbeelding

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What kind of support can your (future) ambassadors expect?

  • A medical assessment on the treadmill, where we measure heart rate, lactic acid production and subjective fatigue
  • A full analysis of your body composition by a DEXA-scan (fat mass, muscle mass, bone density, bone mass, asymmetry) to define nutritional advice
  • Workshops by a renowned nutritionist, behavioural specialist or top sports coach
  • Personalised training schedules with our IQ02-software
  • Much, much more



First, we lay the foundation for our coaching journey. We select a group of employees who are willing to change their lifestyle. Moreover, we specialise in selecting individuals who may not have a background in sports. With them, we start the programme with an inspiring kick-off including workshops, keynotes and initial physical tests. The test results are discussed right away.

  • Medical screening
  • Comprehensive effort tests, cycling or running
  • DEXA-scans of the body composition
  • Workshops training and nutrition
  • Connection with your colleagues
  • One or multiple days


The 6-month personalised coaching journey exists of an accessible mix of digital and face-to-face touchpoints. There’s online coaching via professional training software and group chat sessions, but also intermediate training sessions, workshops, test days and even a test event, where we measure progress and adjust where needed. We don’t drop the ball, we keep the momentum going! This approach ensures we prepare the ambassadors physically, mentally and emotionally for the ultimate challenge.

  • Tailor-made training schedule
  • Weekly contact with the professional coach
  • Joint training with the coach and the other ambassadors


The final event is the culmination of our journey, the highlight of the programme. With our group of participants, we compete in an inspiring and challenging sports event, and push our bodies and minds to the limit. An emotional event that will stay with your team for the rest of their lives. The true cherry on top of our collective efforts and achievements.

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Golazo - Afbeelding

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