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Communication is the cornerstone of any successful wellbeing initiative. Without it, your initiatives might pass unnoticed. Luckily we can deliver a tailor-made strategy that gets your wellbeing message across effectively. This way, your team knows what to expect, they are more likely to participate and they appreciate the effort that is given.


Spread an energetic message for everyone to hear

Our extensive expertise in crafting communication strategies tailored specifically for well-being programmes enables us to build campaigns that speak directly to your core audience.  By working together with creative international talent from renowned advertising agencies, we build an attractive message the way you want it. There is no better way to show your team, and the world where your priorities as a company lie.


The advantages of a clear and effective communication strategy cannot be understated. It comes down to 6 main benefits:

  • Maximise Awareness: Show employees the existence, the benefits and the importance of your well-being programme.
  • Create Engagement: Sharing success stories motivates employees to actively participate.
  • Brand Perception: By emphasising wellbeing you create a positive brand image, making you an attractive choice for both potential talent and business partners.
  • Overcome Resistance: Effective communication helps to address concerns and provide rationale.
  • Inclusive & Accessible: Make your well-being programme relevant for all types of employees, no matter their working or health conditions.
  • Information overload: By conveying relevant messages, you avoid overwhelming your employees with excessive information.

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Getting the word out!

What can you expect from a tailor-made communication strategy?

  • Internal Campaigns: Aimed at engaging and motivating employees, fostering a positive work culture and achieving specific objectives.
  • External Campaigns: Designed to reach and resonate with external audiences, such as customers and stakeholders. This to create awareness or drive action.
  • Employer Branding: Cultivating your company’s image and reputation as an employer to attract, engage and retain top talent.
  • Media Planning: Identifying the most effective combination of communication channels and platforms to reach your target audience.
  • Branding: Creating a distinct brand identity for your wellbeing programme such as the name, logo, colour schemes and visual assets to establish a memorable and cohesive presence within your company.



Determining the communication needs, objectives, channels… This makes it possible to set out a sound strategic approach.

  • Briefing session with our communication consultant
  • Choosing the most relevant channels to reach your audience


The development of a creative concept, leading to a fully fleshed out campaign.

  • Through different channels
  • In accordance with objectives
  • By creative experts, with 15+ years of experience in advertising


Implementing strategy and concept by producing campaign assets, such as design and copywriting.

  • By an extensive team of designers, copywriters, video-& photographers…


The constant monitoring of your initiatives during and after launch. Based on data, we can pinpoint what is going well, and which areas leave room for improvement. In doing so, we can adjust where necessary.

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